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The frozen hand by chocomalk The frozen hand by chocomalk
One frosty mitten catches the last of the autumn season.

One might say that this is just a photo of a stupid mitten on a table, and you would be correct.
One might also say the sheer audacity of posting a photo of said stupid mitten is overshadowed only by the actual making of the photo itself, and you would also be correct.
One may also point out, that the leaves in the hand may represent the fading moments of our lives caught for an instant, then whisked away in a merciless fashion by an impartial wind, this is correct as well.

One may also see the circular reference that leads to point number one.
This is a photo of a stupid frozen mitten.

But after a correction in terms of point of view:
Apparently an errand wind has blown the remains of a carbon based solar panel that was originally the dust of stars into this mitten.
At some point, that dust thought it was a good idea to form itself into a tree, so that it could grow little solar panels and collect little particles of light, memories of what it once was.
Apparently, a stupid frozen mitten has become a collector of little solar panels, perhaps to remind itself too, that it also shares the same inheritance, and wishes to catch little memories of itself.

Or you could just read point number one and be done with the whole matter. ;)
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December 12, 2009
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